Tuesday, November 17, 2009

and more

More Shower Power

shana was over seeing

rayanna lives for the camera

More fun

this guy

the neices were in full cute mood, sisterly love

Shower Power!

Ty and his baby sister Maddy...who btw is teething and vex about the whole situation. can you blame here, growing teeth gotta be hard work!
I clean up nice

speaking of pals, this here is that anthony fella, see him at his own blog, SBU

thats the beautiful pregos.

Wash up that mess!

I been meaning to get back into painting, its really relaxing once you can sink deep into the design, gonna work on a few projects for old time sake, my pal anthony snagged up a lil sumthin i did and had lying around, made me feel like i havent lost my touch! thanks bro!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Holloween @ Downtown

So obviously i was a tribal princess lol

Crazy Packed! Every friggin where!

oh my feet where killing me by this point!

All and all a good time, felt a slight bit out of my element since i've never dressed up but it turned out great, i got to dance and have a good time, the crew was chill and although we witnessed a few fights no drama came our way.