Saturday, July 3, 2010


Okay, so its been forever, heres a picture update of a few things that was going on.
Overrall being 24 doesnt suck as bad i thought, happy birtday jan!

but before my birday, there was Jaiden (i middle named him John :)

Miami here we come!

yes my nose was bleeding lol

Kim Kardashian was there too! love her!

the man of the hour, Mr. bounch a quarter off that ass, Wade!
Good times at that game. We won over the Sixer (iverson didnt play) and traffic home only took 2 hours! gotta love Miami

Big Rick did this!!

Rayanna had a "Welcome to CeCe's!!" birthday
Jaiden got bigger

and back downtown we go, this time at night "i love the nightlife, love to boggie!"

live preforms her ass off!

sounds so good!
The graphics, lighting, all excellent. Great show!
The nieces

Renea's bday dinner

I know, i see him too, and hes much more potent with the cutiness in person

shanna sure showed me what beatiful in yellow meant!

I brought my whole hood with me!

out of towners came for a visit

beach first, ask questions last

the water was tooo good! no big run for your lives fish in the water ether. Whew!

Sandcastle crashing

Then some Church! Maddy and Jai took the holy plunge

jai was outside by then

Rayanna took the phot with my baby canon, good job kid!

dancing dancing dancing!!

rooftop parking for free!

took meme to wet willies and the slushy drinks are for real strong.
Check out this girl!

yii dem big eh!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

and more

More Shower Power

shana was over seeing

rayanna lives for the camera

More fun

this guy